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The 5 Love Languages, Couples Therapy, Daphne, AL

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Couples & Relationship Therapy in Daphne, AL

Building a long, strong, and lasting relationship is a lot of work. Thankfully, working with couples is one of my specialties. Often, couples will come to see me because of infidelity or because they feel like the “spark” of love they once had has been lost. Through my relationship therapy in Daphne, AL, I have helped couples regain their trust for one another, learn how to communicate healthily, and recover the bond of love and friendship they desire.

I love helping couples improve their communication so they can return to a nurturing, loving relationship. That is why I am proud to use the Imago Relationship Therapy Model, which has proven to be a success for many couples across the country.

How Can Relationship Therapy Help?

It is easy for couples to fall into patterns of relating as the years go by. Sometimes these patterns can become harmful—especially when they involve secrets, passive-aggressive behavior, personality differences, or a lack of trust. Through effective relationship therapy, I am able to help couples see the barriers that are causing issues between them, which helps create a path toward a healthier, renewed relationship.

However, the essential part of couples therapy is learning how to work through these obstacles so you can restore the loving relationship you once had. In fact, after treatment, most couples find that their relationships are better than ever before.

When Do You Need Marriage Therapy?

One of the most challenging parts of any therapy is realizing that you need it. Problems often sneak up on you and affect your relationship in subtle ways. If you feel smothered, lonely, or unhappy, these are all signs that your relationship is suffering. Cheryl Holmes Counseling helps you constructively sort through these feelings. Allow me to provide the marriage counseling you and your partner need to help you move beyond an unhealthy pattern or a difficult event in your relationship.

Sometimes, all it takes to get your marriage back on the right track is to learn your and your partner’s love languages. Other times, the pain may run deeper and require more work to get through to the other side. No matter the issue, we will work through it together. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I have helped many couples progress away from difficult seasons and toward happier times.

Contact me to schedule an appointment to learn more about relationship therapy and how it can help you. I offer counseling services throughout Daphne, AL, as well as the surrounding areas.

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