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Mental Health & EMDR Therapy in Daphne, AL

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy technique that empowers individuals to recover from the symptoms of emotional distress caused by previous disturbing experiences. Studies show that patients who undergo EMDR therapy in Daphne, AL, are able to notice the mental benefits of psychotherapy much faster than previously thought possible.

Many people don’t realize that the mind is able to heal from psychological trauma in much the same way that your body recovers from physical injuries. For example, your body will heal a cut on your hand, but this same cut can start to fester if it’s continually irritated by a foreign object or blockage. When this blockage is removed, the healing can resume. EMDR therapy works in the same way—but for your mind.

Moving Toward Better Mental Health

You deserve to live the happiest and most fulfilling version of your life. And here at Cheryl Holmes Counseling, we’re ready to help you achieve this through advancements in mental health techniques and family counseling services.

EMDR therapy demonstrates that our brains’ information processing systems naturally want to move toward improved mental health. However, issues can arise that slow down or stop this natural progression altogether. Our mission is to offer the necessary holistic psychology services to break through these barriers and return your mind to a positive outlook.

Our clinicians use detailed procedures and protocols from EMDR therapy training sessions to show our clients the best way to activate the natural healing process, allowing emotional distress to be soothed. Contact us to learn more, or check out these informative videos about EMDR.

EMDR Therapy Uses Eye Movements to Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, Phobias

EMDR Explained